The Great Spaceport Mystery

by The Great Airport Mystery

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Years after global catastrophe has forced the human race into colonies among the stars, a brave explorer and his cybernetic first mate set out in search of adventure. Upon receiving a distress signal from a ship in the far reaches of our solar system, the duo venture to the greater void of the Kuiper Belt to attempt a rescue. However, all is not as it appears when our heroes stumble upon an ancient alien artifact and are transported to a world beyond their wildest imaginations.

Join #TGAM on an adventure through space and time.



released May 7, 2013

#TGAM is:
Ryan Gilpatrick (@RYANGP) :: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
John Kennedy (@jpk5119) :: Lead guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals

All music written and recorded by The Great Airport Mystery.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ryan Gilpatrick.
Cover art by Ugnievenko Ilia.

©2013 Rapture Recording Group LLC.



all rights reserved


The Great Airport Mystery Ramsey, New Jersey

The Great Airport Mystery is a basement space metal band from Ramsey, NJ.

Our new EP VOYAGER is available 2/17!

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Track Name: Spaceport
We are reborn.
The year is 2096.
When the world collapsed, we ventured to the stars.
We are but witnesses to what unfolds on the galactic stage.
Though we’re not alone, no contact has been made.
This is an age of exploration.
How far are you willing to go to see your face on the cover of the galactic Times?
Would you risk it all to see the greatest achievement you can attain?
The advancement of the human race.
So grab your helmet and come with me.
Set your hyperlink to maximum dilation.
We’re about to embark on the greatest adventure mankind has ever known.
Track Name: Expo
I awake to the moonrise.
Rub my eyes, still fighting sleep.
This maiden’s bed has been my port of call for a fortnight and a week.
I’ve overstayed my welcome on this station, girl.
You know it’s time for me to leave.
I’ve got a thirst for adventure;
It’s bursting the seams.
I see treasure in my dreams, between your girl's shaking knees.
I’m a vagabond, baby. I don’t know what love means.
We’re specks intercepted by beams of light;
Organic matter that’s forced to fight.
It’s a dog-eat-dog world. It’s humanity unfurled.
Back on my ship I meet with Brotron; He’s an AI core that I fused into a human frame.
He’s plotting courses to bring us to a score.
Can’t help but plan for what’s in store.
In the heart of the universe we are infinite,
Yet we are nothing at all.
Fortune favors the bold.
In this land of delusion, we think that we know what it means to be;
Like we've figured out this scheme.
There is something you should know—
This world exists beyond our scientific law.
Divine intervention or an electromagnetic field are not enough to bring us to our knees.
I see treasure in my dreams, between your girl's shaking knees.
I'm a vagabond baby; I don't know what love means.
We exist on a plane of consciousness and don't respect the ones that we don't know that we can attain.
Life ain't what it seems to be, though we accept our own dichotomy.
Track Name: Arecibo
I never thought that we were alone, floating amongst the stars.
I built a station to survey for life past the colony on Mars.
Sending signals to the great beyond, hoping one day they'd be returned,
But static and solitude were all I found, until I heard:

"Hello? Can you hear me? I am lost among the stars.
Our ship's drive core has shorted out and no one has fuel like ours.
Out in the Kuiper Belt, so far away, we ran into a magnetic screen.
Our life support is running out and hope seems like a distant dream."

"I am a dignitary!" she pleads, as her voice turns into a scream.
"If you're able to come to our aid, you'll have the gratitude of royalty!
I'm sending coordinates out there—if you hear me, you'll know just where to go.
And I swear if you help me, there's going to be a cash reward in store."

And the message cuts out.
A wave of interference is all that remains of what I found.
Could it be what I've waited for?
A chance to make amends and break out of this scheme?
True dichotomy.

Distress beacon, from a vessel worlds away.
If space is the place, then this is a race:
A bounty to be paid.
I am the bastion son of chivalry despite what some may think of me.
Just one more score and we'll retire to warmth.

It is a place where few men go and none return:
The unexplored terrain.
I hope you know where you're going—nowhere.
Track Name: Beacon
A beacon of hope;
The spectacle of truth.
I heard her voice come clear across the waves.
Distorted by the distance between receivers and the source.
In between: the mystery of space.

There was something about her that just couldn't be explained.
A cryptic origin stood so profound.

This ship will sail into oblivion.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," said a wise man before he was stripped from the history books.
We can get out and explore what lies beyond our solar system.
Who knows what resides there?
It could be the answers we've been searching for.

And if I could save you, we'd be the heroes of our own time.
For every man's got his vices, mine are damsels in distress and cash rewards.
We're all searching for the means to our existence.
And in return, all you've got to take back is your life.
Don't give up in stride.

It is a place where few men go and none return.
They call it the vacuum of space.
This mission is as reckless as it is daring—just my style, baby.
The price of fame is tribulation, and I won't be afraid.

And if I could save you, we'd be the heroes of our own time.
For every man's got his vices, mine are damsels in distress and fucking cash rewards.
We're all searching for the means to our existence.
And in return, all I'd ever ask for is your life.
Don't give up in stride.

There is a way that we can make it to the void.
There's a way.
Track Name: Full Speed Ahead
Yurmesh once warned me about days like these.
He said, "Son, don't lose your head chasing women and fortune.
If it's adventure you want, it's adventure that you're going to get." with smile and a breath.

Fuck you, old man. I know just where I'm going.
And I know what to do.
"There's no sense arguing your point with me.
Just give me supplies and I swear I'll be on my way."

We can launch tonight and be among the stars at her rescue in two weeks' time.

We stand on the edge of humanity and calamity.
If we do succeed, we'll be heroes.
The fate of a delicate life at hand.

System diagnostics nominal.
We prep for speed.
Engage auto pilot and prep for hypersleep.

We stand on the edge of humanity and calamity.
If we do succeed, we'll be heroes.
The fate of a delicate life at hand.

Approaching source of beacon. No life forms detected onboard.
Track Name: Portal
And so we've made it to the source of the beacon, and found neither vessel, nor signs of life.
Instead we're greeted by the cold veil of space.
The Kuiper Belt is as lonely a place as I've ever known.

Coordinates confirm this is the place it originated.
But what happened here?
The stars can tell the tale of what transpired here.

Energy readings are off the charts in a field of space debris.
Set forward thrusters to 6% so we can see what we have here.

(Detecting some sort of foreign artifact: origin unknown.
Wait—it's opening.
Emitting the most brilliant light I've ever seen.
No damage reported on the ship's hull.
We're encapsulated in its glow.
Shining with the brilliant radiance of a thousand supernovas.
It's beautiful.
Maintain approach vectors.
Continue on the course.
Set thrusters towards the beacon.
Maintain ordinance: Our destination is the beacon.)

Brighter than the sun, there's warmth inside its glow.
It has opened up my eyes to life.
Drawn to open arms, though we've lost control.
A spherical shell of exotic matter.
Dimensions that we can't perceive lie before me.
Creeping towards the event horizon.

How do I explain this?
There was a reason that we were brought here.
I've seen that light and now I can't look away.
Why wait for tomorrow when you can seize today?

It is a portal.
An interstellar invitation.
Worlds of restitution.
I've seen that light and it makes sense to me.
I see a world that's ours, I see a destiny.

"Do you realize we're traveling at 5,000 feet per second towards uncertainty?
Think of the consequence!"

Call it faith, call it science or a deathwish, but I'm not going back until we finish this shit, man.

And as we enter, I see visions that I've seen before.
My life compressed into iteration.
I feel a sense of complacency, as spacetime dilates.
Track Name: Orbital Descent
Exit wormhole.
Approach vectors dangerous.
Disorient the mind.
Lost vision in the turbulence.
Thought we’d collapse at this speed.
Incalculable G’s.

I didn’t come this whole way to die,
Though we seem destined to fry.
A rock on the horizon:
A garden world flourishing, growing like a seed.

Glued to my seat, the straps become a part of me.
Indistinguishable seams.

Rectify the topspin.
The horizon’s growing.
Its colors bleed into a mosaic of fire.
A chemical reaction—ship becoming one with the sky.
A single focal point that we live:
Where our impact is imminent.
A certain date with decimation. Fate wrestled out of our hands.

Both of us braced, strapped into place;
The captain’s chair compressed to my skin.
Though we move at different speeds, every man hurtles through space.

Experience infinity.
Our shields were never built for climates like these.
It’s the desire to live that burns me alive.
Track Name: Horrible Discovery
I awoke in a sea of shrapnel and flames.
Charred remnants of my hull are what’s left of ship that I called home. Sifting through the rubble, seeing what we can salvage to survive.

A binary sunrise greets the horizon as I climb to my feet.
What world is this?
We’ll find a way.

“Follow me,” I yell through the fog, though my words seem hollow and fake in this atmosphere.
Must be safe enough to breathe if my mind is right and I’m still here.
Trudging on.
We wander for miles through wastelands and forests filled with trees.
I fall to my knees.
The ground is damp and arid at the same time.
Where the fuck are we?

A desolate planet that no one from my world has ever seen, except for me.
But how can I lay claim when no one will ever hear from me?
We’re urged to press on.

A desperate search for resource, a futile attempt at finding foreign life.
The skyline seems surreal.
I can’t believe my eyes when I see structures rising from the fields.
Could this be it? What we’ve been searching for?
Hostile or friendly, my thirst is too great to ignore.
A glimmering complex unfolds.
I run to the first building and burst right through the doors.

I fear I’m not alone.
I hear voices from below.
A dissonant flow of energy, a silence overgrown.
“Brotron, scan the scene for lifeform signatures.
If there’s somebody in here, make yourself known!”
They taught me to believe nothing’s as it seems.

Shut your fucking mouth.
I hear something in the distance.
It sounds like some sobbing and tears.
“Is there somebody inside of here?”
Is that a human I hear?
I open up the door.

This can’t be. There’s humans in here.
Locked in cages, stacked floor to ceiling.
Huddling for warmth, dying of disease.
Is this what I feared?
Something that my eyes wished they’d never seen.
Experimentation, sickness and famine.
Suffering all around me.
Some unknown force is doing this.
These are my people. What’s going on in here?
There’s got to be an explanation for all of this.

This place is a fucking nightmare.
Raped and destitute; devoid of all hope.
These are my people!
How wrong we were to ever come here.
The world must know of this atrocity.
Relay the message; O Universe, please hear me!
A force descends upon us from above.
My world fades to black as we're taken alive.
Track Name: Captivity Narrative
I'm locked in confinement in this land I’ve never known.
Brotron lays decommissioned on the cold concrete floor.

How long have I been out—
Has it been days or weeks or more?
My head hurts from the sedatives and all my limbs are sore.

A plasma shield is blocking my escape.
My first mate could disable it but destruction was his fate.
I should have known better than to trust my gut.
Drawn by the love of bounty,
Or the thrill of some young slut.

Locked inside this cage while there’s suffering outside.
I just thank my lucky stars that I’ve been kept alive.
My fingers graze the walls as I remember brighter days:
No care in the world as I drift through outer space.

If there’s a chance that I can repair the cyborg lying dead over there,
We’d have our chance to escape; blast off and win the day.
Fingers race across circuit boards.
Reroute power to data cores.
I hear the whir, the lights aglow.
If I can get it going, then we’ll escape this hole.

He’s waking.

“The shields can be disabled if we generate the force with the thorium reactor inside of my torso.”
I know it’s a long shot, But right now it’s all we’ve got.
Reset the system parameters and overclock the gain.
Reroute neural impulses and turn that wall to flames.
We make it out of the cell, and stride right into hell.
Track Name: Deny The Prophecy
There's no time to waste.
We make our way through the complex after Brotron blows a hole in the wall.
Shepherd in rot.
The scent of flesh holds a palpable taste in lung.

I see one of them over there, meandering.
"A plasma blast to the throat should suffice," methinks inside.

All is fair in love in war.
We can commandeer its ship and ride into the ports.

Tell me you can drive this thing. Some schematics you can ascertain.
There's not a second we can chance to waste.

If there is time for fear, there's no time to fucking live.
Hold fast to our destination.
The hangar is in sight.
We're getting off this planet.

The hangar doors are closing.
We'll redirect the fire.
The top is ripped from our transport.

There, I see a ship!
That is our ticket off this hellhole.
Departing now.
Track Name: Tesla Coil
We bust through the walls of the base with the force to make a grown man weep.
We won't be seen on this planet again.
Prep the drive cores for jump to warp speed.
Break the atmosphere.
With haste, we flee the scene.

Mandate this ship's controls and map them out to your own sensors.
There's no doubt that they will send the strength of their whole Goddamn flotilla.

A fleet of interceptors appearing off our stern.
"Brace for evasive maneuvers, man.
I'm going to see if I can shake them!"

Activate the cannons.
"We're giving her all she's got!"
Flanking ships appear to block our path.

Faster than I've ever gone, racing through portals.
I know Earth's just a jump away if we can rupture the fabric of time and space.
What would you do tonight if you'd never see your home again?
Would you fight for the ones you love,
Or fade away as your world is reduced to dust?

You need to focus, man.
Regain the upper hand.
There's a death sentence that we can avoid.

It's our human desire to live that keeps hope alive through troubled times.
Test your force of will.
I've got no choice but to live.
As they fire upon our hull.
I dreamt of stars, but never a scene like this.

Lost pressure in the cabin.
I see the stars beside me.
Lost in a vacuum, my eyes explode from my face.
Track Name: Conduit Closing
I believe that the lives we lead are meant for a greater existence.
I thought I'd seen it all.
Why there was a time I'd look to the stars and see a brighter day.
I thought I'd seen it all.
Now I know that dream was a lie.

How wrong we were to ever come to this place.
They say the night is the darkest before the dawn,
But what if it gets darker than we can even perceive?
What good is human will when I can't calculate what's inside of our brains?
My will is prime.

Now I know we'll never find the answers.
We're missing the point when we try to pixellate our fractal existence.

All the names of the lost, still etched in our halls.
Lest we forget the sacrifice they made to get us here.
There's always an exception to the rule.

There's a world that's worth saving,
A solar system turned into a battlefield right before our eyes.
There's a child who holds fast to a dream of being one with the stars.

Say goodbye to this plane.
I chose the fame and the fortune over those I loved.
But what's a life worth living if it ain't your own?
Jettison escape pods and tell the world.